Leigh Joy runs a self-care consultancy in south africa

I help individuals, teams and organisations turn uncertainty into certainty, self-sabotage into self-care and adversity into triumph!

Leigh is an incredible coach with amazing intuition. She has guided me through a period of huge growth and gave me a safe space to find my new normal during this time, which included making time and space for myself through self care. She has also offered so much support in going after my dreams and I can not recommend her more.
Beth Schneiter
Coach and Entrepreneur

Self-care speaker

I am a motivational speaker that helps individuals and organisations turn uncertainty into certainty, self-sabotage into self-care and adversity into triumph

Self-care coach

I am a self-care and accountability coach. I help my clients balance their lives, become empowered, inspired and transformed.

Self-care trainer

I introduce my delegates to a holistic approach to self-care to navigate today’s complex world. I teach delegates healthy coping strategies to heal their self-sabotaging behaviours.



When it comes to looking after ourselves we need to take care of our physical being. This includes safe housing, getting enough sleep, exercising and massages.


Most of us spend most of our time at work. Thus it is important for this part of our lives to work. So, take time off for lunch and leave work at work.


Honour yourself by taking time out to figure out who you are, finding your purpose, spending time with your family, setting worthwhile goals and crafting a vision board.


It is vital that we take care of our mental health. There are many things one can do including, self-reflection, meditation, journaling and reading self-help books.


We are emotional beings and emotions play an enormous part in our lives. We need to learn to express our emotions ... laugh, cry and be self-compassionate.


A healthy spiritual life is vital. There are many things that can help us spiritually. These include, meditation, prayer, self-reflection, yoga and finding a cause to support.

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It has never been easier to discover how to live a secure, powerful, fulfilled and happy life using the self-care strategies that I share.