Who Is Leigh Joy?

Grief & Loss

When there is a passing over / loss of the other – often we lose a sense of who we are without the other.

Love Avoidance

Love avoidance involves systematically creating barriers in a relationship to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Love Addiction

The critical factor that defines a love addict is the degree to which they have obsessive-compulsive relationships that make their lives unmanageable.


Codependency is the misplaced belief that control of people and external events will induce happiness.

Leigh has led a life full of different experiences, mostly challenging in her early years. After her father separated from her family, a year later her mom passed away when Leigh was only four and a half years old. The children were then given up for adoption by their father who could not take care of them and her mothers sister adopted them.

Naturally Leigh struggled with feelings of abandonment and emptiness.

At 19 Leigh decided to fend for herself and found escape through various addictions including men (love), drugs and alcohol.

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