Speaker on Purpose


Do you feel lost? Do you feel you do not know where to go in your life? Do you feel unfulfilled?  Does your career feel unrewarding? Do you feel stuck and powerless? Do you want clarity in your life and career?  Do you wonder what your choices are? Are you finding change stressful? Do you struggle to see a point to it all?  Does there seem to be no purpose in your life?  Do you feel like you want to get through a change in your life with grace? Do you want to be motivated going forward?  Are you looking for your purpose?


Empowering, Inspiring and Transformational Keynotes


Look no further, Leigh Joy presents empowering, inspiring and transformative talks on discovering your purpose.

She will take you on a journey to look at the pain in your life as the road map to discover your purpose. You will leave feeling that your life has meaning and purpose.


Take a profound and illuminating journey into the self


All of us go through a dark night of the soul in search of the meaning of life. This search sometimes kills people as someone commits suicide every 40 seconds in the world according to the latest World Health Organisation research. This difficult and confusing time doesn’t have to be the end. In fact, it can be the beginning of a deeply profound and illuminating journey into the self. A journey that is particularly difficult to complete alone. Leigh Joy is here by your side to guide, support and encourage you.

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a specific purpose on this earth, which no other person can fulfil. We have each been shaped by life to perform this specific role. Do you hear the call on your life?