Leigh spoke at our 10 year company anniversary. I asked that she inspire my team at Redpanda. She courageously shared her story with us that empowered our employees to want to live their best lives. Leigh thank you for your transformational talk.

Gareth Hawkey, CEO, Redpanda Software

Leigh Joy facilitated a Google woman off site in February this year. She was a consummate professional and we really appreciated the balance and foresight that she brought to our team session.

Her approach and engagement with the team was with sensitivity, openness and genuine vulnerability in terms of sharing her real life stories with us. Thank you Leigh for helping us to lower down walls in order for us to work better and more cohesively with a different sense of newfound appreciation and recognition for each other! Your presence and value add was highly appreciated!

Avanthi Maharaj, Market HR Cluster Lead, Google EMEA

Leigh is an incredible coach with amazing intuition. She has guided me through a period of huge growth and gave me a safe space to find my new normal during this time, which included making time and space for myself through self care. She has also offered so much support in going after my dreams and I can not recommend her more.

Beth Schneiter, Coach and Entrepreneur

We always find ways to complain but never give thanks where it is due. Today we all would like to thank you for your guidance throughout our coaching and training session on self-care with you.  You have absolutely been amazing. It has been such an enlightening experience and we are all truly grateful.  You have made such a difference in all our lives. We all look forward to working with you in future.

Marisa Strobos, Kleine Constantia Guest House

As an entrepreneur building two businesses you can imagine the high stress levels. I was also plagued by self doubt and not sure if I could actually do the things I set myself to do.

I met Leigh at a few events and really connected with her open and warm nature. I am a super private person and do not open up easily. However, with Leigh I felt like I had finally found a coach who I could comfortably open up to and share my stresses with.

Self care is the first to go out the window when building a business, she has helped me so much by getting back in touch with who I am and re-instilling self care. Before I was quick to shake my head at self care. Now I know how much it helps me manage my stress and be the best version of myself.

Her caring guidance has set me on a wonderful path of showing up in my best self. I am so grateful for her kindness and gentle tough coaching. It has helped me so much. Yes, I still experience stress, however I know how to manage it better and through that, I am able to perform better and meet the demands of an entrepreneurial life so much better.

The absolute bonus is that my personal relationships are also so much better and healthier too. 

Conny Oberrauter, Entrepreneur