Self-Care Training

The objective of self-care training is to shape, encourage and transform your team players to create “authentic connections with self, their tribe and that which is greater than us.”


Outcomes of the training


  • – Enhanced presenteeism (the ability to be present) through individual sustainable self-care practices.
  • – Improved boundary-setting abilities to be empowered.
  • – Self-esteem to promote confident interactions.
  • – Improved team cohesion will create an all-inclusive approach.
  • – Wholeness to revitalise personal energy levels.
  • – Effective intrinsic motivation to be proactive and not reactive.


Module 1

Authentically connecting to self


  • – Creating a safe container activity
  • – Introduction to the self-care tripod.
  • – Understanding the growth curve of change.
  • – Creative solutions to self-care that match the individual personality of the delegates. (self-care kit activity).

    Module 2


Authentically connecting with each other


  • – Accountability partners video.
  • – Setting boundaries – assertive communication style.
  • – Triangulating/ gossiping.
  • – How would you like to contribute to a culture of respect, inclusivity and diversity?
  • – How do we change a culture from breaking down to building up?


Module 3


Authentically connecting to the sacred


  • What is your purpose?
  • – Mentor’s table activity.
  • What is your vision for self, tribe, South Africa and the World?
  • The power of guided visualisations, setting intentions and gratitude.


Module 4


Review the day.


  • – How have you connected authentically to yourself, your team and the sacred?
  • – Set intentions for self-care, tribe-care and sacred-care for the week.
  • – Share it with your team.
  • – I am a super hero activity.